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In completing a MassHealth application, Attorney Ceruolo will provide his clients with a clear course of action and assist them with collecting all necessary data in order to successfully complete a long term care application.

Some QUICK facts about Medicaid:

Resource allowance for any individual: $2,000.00
This means that an individual applying for Medicaid benefits cannot have any more than $2000 – total – in his/her name.

The division wants to look at what has been transferred. The “look-back” was recently changed from 3 years to 5 years. The Division asks an applicant, or his/her family, to provide the last 5 years of evidence for finances and bank statements.

What if a transfer is made during the 5 year look back? The Division will penalize the applicant in time. The amount of the transfer is divided by $9,429.17 to determine the amount of months for disqualification. Once we have the months, the penalty now begins on the date of admission in the nursing home or at such time as the individual is eligible for Medicaid “but for” the transfer – or the first day of the month during which the assets have been transferred – whichever period is the later.

At the time of the MassHealth application, it makes no difference in whose name each asset is held, whether in the sick spouse’s name alone, the community spouse’s name alone, or in joint names: all assets of the couple, regardless of the title of ownership, are added toward the total asset limit of $120,900.00. Thus, the community spouse is able to keep up to $120,900.00 of the couple’s remaining assets. Any amounts above this dollar figure MUST be spent down.